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Re: keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
Get some vacuum bags, keep a bag of your favorites from each size
Originally Posted by pgkcb13 View Post
I keep a few favorites and a few of the more worn items for play clothes (my kids like to get really really messy, lol). Even with that by the time people give us hand me downs and grandparents 'pick stuff up' we have way too much. Part of me honestly wants to ditch it all and buy like 8 pairs of solid color pants and 8 fun shirts and call it a day!! I get so sick of matching outfits (all those gymboree outfits with a million matching pieces are adorable, but such a pain!).

My oldest girl & second girl were few months difference in seasons so its helped we cloth diaper this time which helps as second is smaller.... we had room to store lots as my mom went nuts like I saw on a post some we never used first time but did second. Some for neither really. So if u think u want to save stuff vac bags as stated in first quote even off brand are great. I have also come into contact since my first kid to moms of first kids getting rid of stuff free exchange type so nice if I sold stuff before... you never know who you will meet... we are expecting boy now & got free clothes from friend simce move to clothe through yr plus my mom is kinda shopoholic so bought stuff sil had stuff too as she had 5 boys but has no room to store that much....
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