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Re: Can I dye prefolds?

There is controversy over the safety of it with the concern being that if dyes bleed in high pH conditions the skin would absorb the dye over time. I've called Dylon and they said it's not an acceptable use because of the fabric being wet next to the skin. I was told that it is intended for use on fabrics dry next to the skin, not wet. Perhaps they were just covering their tails. I don't know.

Others have emailed Dylon and been told that since it is fiber-reactive that the bond is permanent to the fiber. Thus it is ok as along as care is taken to fully wash out and unbound dye before using. If you do it, follow the instructions carefully.

This is something for you to consider and make your own decision about.

Some chemically sensitive people (with true MCS disease) can't tolerate commerically dyed underwear so it seems to me that there must be something about even fiber-reactive dyes that do have an effect on some people.

Because we don't know what baby's not-fully-developed central nervous system or liver function will be like, GMD takes the cautious route and doesn't sell dyed-on-the-inside diapers. The only exception is stay-dry polyester fleece. All fleece is dyed, even the white and natural color, so dyes are unavoidable for those kinds of products. I've never seen a poly fleece run in the wash, even when brand new, so I am hopeful that it is fully safe.
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