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Ds (turned 5 end of Dec) has had a nasty cough (very bark-y sounding I guess. not sure how to explain- not just a regular cough) since Saturday night. He sounds wheezy occasionally as well. His throat is sore and really red. He looks pale and worn out. He also says his head hurts and he has never said that before. Today his temp is 99.8 (taken in his mouth). He was totally fine Saturday morning and went to a bday party where he spent the day at the pool with all the kids from his preschool class. Nothing like spreading germs to the whole class
His nose is not stuffy or runny at all.
Would you take your child to the Dr.? Every time I have ever taken one of my kids in all that happens is the Dr. says something like "yes, he is sick. Rest and lots of fluids. Here's a bill for a zillion dollars"
But the cough bothers me so I made ds an appt for this afternoon. Would you take your child in?
Eta: add diarrhea to the list...
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