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Re: keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

I agree that with baby stuff you can usually find what you need for cheap secondhand. And you never know if the stuff you have will work for subsequent children. Having basic GN in limited number of storage bags in a tote is a great idea. However, there are a few things I think are worth keeping if they are in good condition and GN. Outerwear for 4 seasons states. Infant walking shoes, because no matter what route you choose for that, they are usually spendy. Dress clothes, if your lifestyle needs them, in limited amounts. And then your favorites or ones that have sentimental value. All three of my kids came home in the same outfit, and there were a couple of GN sweaters that they all have worn and I have pictures of them in them at that time. My girls have worn many of the same party dresses, etc.

I will say as they get bigger, it is harder to find the kids' clothes second hand that fit and go together. My girls are in the 8 and 10 size now, and I do the majority of their shopping in the end of season clearance for the next year because it is too hard to find them stuff at local thrift stores and mom2mom sales here. The boy is size 5 and it is still easy to find him stuff secondhand. But baby stuff, it is very easy to find EEUC in most places because everybody overbuys and sells it.
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