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What is average resale value of CDs?

I'm new here, hi!

I was wondering what the average resale value is on a CD stash that is kept in EUC or GUC. I know it depends on the brands, materials, etc but I'm realizing that unlike most other used items (not baby items but general used items on Craigslist etc) that sell for 50% of the original price, CDs seem to hold most of their value. Is this accurate?

I'm researching the type of stash I would build -- most likely orange GMD prefolds, a few GMD NB Workhorses, Thirsties Duo covers, a couple of other covers, and eventually a OS stash of BGEs and/or 4.0s. Depending on resale value, I might build my stash differently or with a higher quantity knowing that my initial investment would be higher but after selling I would recoup most of that. Would you say resale value is approximately 80% on average?

I am not currently pregnant. My husband and I have been TTC on and off for 6 1/2 years with infertility help. We conceived twice (once on Clomid, once naturally) but both ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks. We are just now starting to try again and researching all of this gives me hope and makes me happy.

Thank you for your knowledge!
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