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I've seen things go for up to 80% of retail in some markets! Depends on how seasoned your buying audience is, I think. Experienced CD FSOTers won't usually offer more than 50% except for newborn diapers, which usually go for upwards of 65%.

I've also sold hard-to-find items that I didn't even know I was sitting on for a lot of money. I bought a Sustainablebabyish interlock soaker at a garage sale for $10, used it for a year, and tried to give it away to someone who let me know that it was probably a hard to find color and year. I contacted an Sbish expert and got pricing help and ended up selling for $100. After I sold it, I got an offer for $150. I mean, what? It was so dingy-looking, too. That sale bought a good chunk of my newborn stash this time around.

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