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Re: What is average resale value of CDs?

Originally Posted by nonipie View Post
I've seen people expect to recoup quite a bit on an expensive stash and end up very disappointed. I would not ever pay 80% for used diapers. What you have listed, while great diapers, are very readily available. After 2 years of use that BGE would have to look near perfect to expect close to purchase price. Unless it's a highly sought after "trendy" diaper I would say 50% maybe, for EUC is fair. Even with the trendy diapers you are betting on them being just as hot when you're done with them and they may not be. For me I don't ever buy anything thinking about selling them. Does it work? Does it fit my needs? If so great. Even if I only sell it for a few dollars that's more than I would get for a used sposie!
This honestly Ive sold most of my stuff for about 70-75% off the orginal price and in very good to very excellent condtion. I still think its fine when I sell I want to sell fast and mostly just want them re-homed

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