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Originally Posted by beckstar
maybe try the cheese eggs first? i know if i eat a carb-y breakfast, i get hungry a lot faster than if i eat something high in protein first. you are offering lots of whole foods, so that is good. just limit sugar and refined products (there is corn syrup/sugar in a lot of condiments, as well) and hopefully their appetites will be more sustained and for longer periods.
I was thinking this. Protein first.I think another mama said this too. Cold cereal is one of the worst things to have 1st thing in the morning. Seems like your doing a great job with whole foods but I do think there's room for improvement. Maybe oatmeal,or cream of wheat in the am with a hard boiled egg. Easy homemade whole wheat banana muffins make great snacks and are filling. If no one is allergic to nuts, how about some trail mix? I have five kids who use to ask all day,but after some trial and error AND several conversations with a nutritionist I realized that a lot of tweaking makes a difference. My kids are allowed to snack on veggies without having to ask and water. I always keep a bowl of baby carrots,celery,cut up red pepper,ect in he fridge that they can snack on. Protein first thing in the morning has made the biggest difference. I boil a couple dozen eggs,peal them,and keep them in the fridge for mornings I don't feel like,or have time to cook hot eggs. Home fries scramble is another staple here for's cut up potatoes,onions and peppers(optional), and crumbled up ground turkey,seasoned and sautéed on med./high. You can put whole potatoes you've forked stabbed in a tightly tied closed plastic grocery bag for 10 min. in the microwave to make the potatoes in advance...then just cut up when needed. We also do egg frittatas some mornings. Scramble 8-10 eggs and pour into a deep dish pie plate,add cheese,crumbled sausage,spinach,grated zucchini,mushrooms,whatever you want or have on hand...bake on 350 for a half hour or knife comes out the center clean. It can also be made the night before and reheated in the am.You can buy the liquid egg beaters or egg whites only to make it even easier and cholesterol free! Those are just a few suggestions, but you need to give them more slow releasing foods that digest slowly and keep them fuller longer.

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