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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Moms who leave the circumcision decision up to the father, because they think he would know. Most men don't know. And don't think anything of it. If they have been circumcised they don't know what they are missing. It's a psychological thing, I think. After all, it's kind of a trauma to get over when you realize you have been mutilated.

My husband was really supportive of not circumcising. He said why would anyone want to do that? He has been circumcised himself as a baby, but he is not going to do the same to his son. :-)

I think the biggest argument against circumcision is that we take away the right to decide. A baby cannot make the decision. We should have to wait until they are adults and then if they want to they can have it done (although I am not sure who would volunteer for that).

I have heard the foreskin compared with eyelashes. And who would cut those off? Ouch.
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