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Re: What is average resale value of CDs?

You have all been very helpful! Thank you! I have been looking at all of the different posts here on DS for a week or so and I am in shock at how much knowledge and information everyone shares here. It's wonderful.

I seem to frequently see the NB GMD Workhorses on FSOT for $5ea but I'm not understanding how that is a "good" price for used. They are only $5.50ea + $6.95 shipping (for any quantity) directly from GMD for brand new. Maybe I'm missing something. I certainly have a lot to learn!

I will just go with the expectation that whatever stash I do purchase will be for myself to enjoy, and if down the road I am able to recoup any of the cost it is just an added bonus. My main reason for wanting to CD is for environmental reasons.
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