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Re: Carseat advice for a large van!

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
We have the Chevy Express 15 passenger. You can only put seats rear facing in the second row. They will not fit anywhere else. And, on top of that, if the a rear-facing convertible will only fit in the middle of the second row. Now, of course, I have not tried ALL brands of carseat, but we do have several brands. A bucket you can put behind either of the front seats, but still only in the second row. We have twins. So, obviously, we had a problem with only being able to get one convertable in the middle. We got Diono Radian carseats (because it is the thinnest and allows us to put 3 across forward facing. All our children are still in carseats since they are all young.) They have a "angle adjuster" you can buy that goes under the seat and makes it sit more upright and fit behind the front seats. That is what we did. If you only have one child who is going to be rear facing, as long as you put them in the middle of the second row, you should be able to get what you want.

So, that is our experience. We were shocked to find that it isn't as easy as we would have thought to get carseats in a huge passenger van. However, we still do really like the van. It has plenty of space and growing room if we need it, which I hope we do.
By 'second row' do you mean the first bench seat??
I went to see the van we are going to get and I see that I can easily fit rear facing seats on the first bench seat, but I could not tell for sure if any would fit rear facing in the other bench seats. I should have taken our convertible seat with us to try it out. We will be going to pick it up in a couple of weeks, so I guess I will find out then. I still cannot decide if it would be easier to get an infant seat in and out or just carry the baby in the van and put her in a convertible.
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