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Re: Composting

The composting process creates so much heat that it will help the materials break down faster, as opposed to being buried directly in the garden. Also, you can use the compost in a direct area to affect the plants you are planting, whereas if you just throw the scraps in there it probably won't make as big of a difference, depending on the size of the garden. As compost is the mix of green and brown material, it's really more than just "scraps" and I think provides more to the soil than the broken down green material. It is really cool, too, from a scientific point, to watch a large pile of waste create a small pile of compost.
We compost both our horse/chicken bedding as well as our food. When we lived away from the farm we had a 55gal drum on a rotating spigot. I don't think that worked as well as a pile, but that's just my opinion.
I found this about throwing scraps in the garden from a Nat Geo website: "It's possible to bury food scraps directly into a garden, but you run the risk of disturbing the roots of existing plantings as you dig. In addition, vegetable peels and other scraps release excess nitrogen as they decompose, which may burn the roots of nearby plants." But other than that, I think you would be fine if you don't have an animal problem. Because you would have less heat, I would break down whatever scraps you throw in the garden into smaller pieces to it would decompose faster. Have fun!
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