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Re: How long after mom eats something is it in the milk?

My kids have TONS of food allergies. That said, I have NEVER pumped and dumped, regardless of the food I accidentally (or intentionally) eat. Unless you were dealing with anaphylaxis, there's no reason to pump and dump. Your milk, even with allergens/irritants in it, is best for baby.

That said, I would bet that the vomiting had more to do with the fussing, too much milk/air than a true allergy. Vomiting would not have resulted in a happy baby if it was an allergy. They would more likely continue to cry, scream, back arch etc because it would still hurt. They would also continue to do that through the entire night.

Having food allergies myself, i can assure you, even if I vomit, I still fill awful for at least an hour or two.

It generally takes 24 or more hours to clear a food from your system. If you regularly eat eggs without response, the hotel eggs (no matter how gross) would not affect her.
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