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Re: Do you have to double diaper/use inserts with flats that are snappied?

Like previous poster said it depends on baby, the flat, and the fold.

When we started using flats one was enough. Now he is 19 months old we have to add absorbancy. I think if we had the bigger flats(we have mostly imagine) we wouldn't need to add absorbency. We also have some receiving blankets I use just for fun. With those I don't need anything added in.

Aside from cheaper they are easier to wash and quicker to dry. We can also go more time in-between washing as the flats even with doublers take up less space. I am then able to fit more in my washer. When using flats I wash every 3 days. When using prefolds or fitteds I wash every 2 days. Because flats are so easy to clean the extra time in-between doesn't cause any laundry issues.
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