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Originally Posted by carriek38
Oi, thanks ladies...I'm glad you can see both the humor and frustration behind this. Now, the potty thing is a bit concerning, but partly b/c I feel like even if I ask the pedi, he'll dismiss us (he did re: food allergies--"She gets hives with strawberries? Don't feed her strawberries. No, I don't really put a lot of trust in allergy testing; you don't need it, but go ahead if you think you do.").

We're paranoid parents...In the last month, I've worried about whether she has diabetes, whether she had been sexually abused at DC (we worry at every DC placement & they've all been very safe), whether she as Asperger's, whether she has a new food sensitivity, & whether we'll make it until she's 4 without one of us (DP or myself) developing a drinking problem. I'm glad there are people to tell me that yes, I'm crazy, no, my child is not, & yes, this too shall pass
Wait wait wait. These things are crazy? Shoot, my kid just turned two, I've thought all of these things, as well as if he has emotional issues (I hear 2-year olds are SUPPOSED to have tantrums?) and if DCP was mentally abusing my DS (she said he had to take off his shoes before he was allowed in the house). So if its crazy, I'm right there with you, particularly the drinking problem one. I've had three beers this week... That's more than I've ever had to deal.

Hang in there. We'll run away to Mexico together, the three of us, and leave the kids with my DH. We can pick them up from the fire station when we return
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