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Re: Does Etsy allow retalitory FB?

Originally Posted by almostcrunchy View Post
I know exactly who you are talking about and it's soooo sad.....her stuff was my absolute favorite. I'm sad you never got your product/money back (her blog post back in Aug implied that she was making things right with those people whom she owed products to).

I just ordered my newbie a blanket from The Painted Pixie (GREAT customer service so far, btw), I will let you know if the blanket is as lovely as I hope

I've also heard good things about My Beautiful Girl.....though I've never personally ordered from her.
It IS sad. I have adored her products for years, and then this last transaction... No one makes this particular item that I love, so I can't buy it from anyone else. And I'm out a lot of money. I let the PP window go because I've been buying from her for 7 years and I never thought she'd steal my money. I just don't understand how reputable WAHMs can do this. there was another WAHM that made these awesome covetable bags. She took my money, and in the meantime, made bags for all her friends while stringing me along. Then she disappeared - and get this - became a preacher! All the while she had stolen my money! WTF?

I'll check out those others. But I'm really after swirl dyes, since I don't have the patience to do it myself. I guess I'm going to have to start. I don't think I will cheat myself, but I guess you never know.
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