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Re: What happened to my kid? Vent

Yep, just like everyone else has mentioned, welcome to the 3s. I'm not going to lie, the 4s are different here, but not necessarily better.

Originally Posted by syfitz View Post
I have the same sleep issues, and use Melatonin myself.

Funny story. A few weeks ago ds came to me and very casually said "I don't need melatonin tonight because I just ate a banana."
"What?" I say, confused.
"Seriously, google it." He replies. (He's five, btw )
I google and find that bananas actually do contain small amounts of melatonin.
Very small amounts, but he was asleep by the time I googled.
I have no idea where he got that little bit of information, but maybe it had a little placebo effect. Perhaps you could tell your daughter that bananas will make her sleepy, and they will.

Seriously the best part of my morning. Thanks for that.
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