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Re: What happened to my kid? Vent

Originally Posted by Hope4More View Post
Wait wait wait. These things are crazy? Shoot, my kid just turned two, I've thought all of these things, as well as if he has emotional issues (I hear 2-year olds are SUPPOSED to have tantrums?) and if DCP was mentally abusing my DS (she said he had to take off his shoes before he was allowed in the house). So if its crazy, I'm right there with you, particularly the drinking problem one. I've had three beers this week... That's more than I've ever had to deal.

Hang in there. We'll run away to Mexico together, the three of us, and leave the kids with my DH. We can pick them up from the fire station when we return
I don't drink too much...usually a couple glasses of wine once a month during Crafty Saturday, but I keep a bottle in the fridge in case of emergencies

Sadly, I've been craving a smoke waaaaaay more than a drink

Originally Posted by Celeste View Post
Oh yeah, the whining is like nails ona a chalkboard!!

Op, my 3 year old is having sleep issues to. She is exhausted at bed time, and will tell me that she is soooo tired. Then she will proceed to take 2 hours to actually fall sleep, after the whole bedtime routine. Last night I put her to bed at 7 (an hour earlier than normal), and it still took her til 8:45 to fall asleep, but at least it was earlier than it had been. Can you put your dd down earlier?
DP picks DD up from DC now, so it's been a bit earlier, but I had been picking her up & we'd get home around 5. We usually make a dinner just for her b/c she eats at 5:30 (and when I put my foot down about being able to pick her own foods, Ohhhh Myyyyyyy). Then we get a little play & TV time, maybe a bath, & we try to start bedtime around 7-7:15. I could do earlier, I guess, but 6:30 or 6:45 just seems so early, & like I don't really get to see her, KWIM? She was making me so crazy yesterday that getting ready for bed started at about 6:50, but I think I closed her door for the final time at 7:42.

And she woke me up to change her wet diaper at 3:32 in the morning, which is another charming new thing

Originally Posted by nicolemariep View Post
Yep, just like everyone else has mentioned, welcome to the 3s. I'm not going to lie, the 4s are different here, but not necessarily better.

Seriously the best part of my morning. Thanks for that.
I'm giving you the evil eye right now

but you're right, the banana thing is funny!
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