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Re: What happened to my kid? Vent

Oh, man and DP are going through a lot with her. I know I don't know her, but I can't imagine she is doing it out of "meanness" or wanting to not behave. And, I agree with you that I don't think she needs punishment, but maybe you can sit down and talk to her? What about get her a special treat, like an ice cream so she has to sit for a while. I know she is only 3, but I'm pretty sure she will understand when you talk to her. Try to find out what is going on from her view. Ask her to help you b/c you don't know what she is thinking/feeling and you would like to know. Try to find out the reason behind the actions. Little ones still have emotions/feelings just like us, but don't know or understand how to express it. Heck, some adults even have trouble with that. I think helping her to express her feelings will help. Finding a mutually acceptable way could be tricky.

As for the food, try to set limits. Depending on what time she gets come from DCP either let her have a snack and then dinner at set time and that is it. Or dinner then a snack a little later and then that is it. Let her know a few days beforehand that when she gets home from DCP she gets a quick snack and then will have dinner and then no more meals until the next day. Keep reminding her every day and even on the way home.

As for sleeping, she is probably overtired which stimulates her even more. What about trying a bedtime routine and letting her know in advance and then keep reminding her that it is p'j's, brush teeth, 2 books, snuggles, and then bed. Before you start the routine have her get her last drink, go potty, make sure everything is where she wants it to be in her room before going to bed.

Anyhow, those are a few ideas.........hopefully something will work out for you, DP, and her.
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