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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

I live in southeast Michigan and I shop at Meijer. I choose it over Walmart because it is headquartered in Michigan and they are always sponsoring local events. Plus a lot of the things I buy tend to be cheaper there as well. I have a family of 4, and we try to stick to $100 a week for food, health and beauty, and paper products. I used to be able to spend as low at $60, but now we are plant-based, and I make a lot of things myself, so I tend to spend right up to my $100 max. If I have to buy dog food though, I allow an extra $30 because I haven't found a way to get that within my budget.

My tips:
-I meal plan for 7 nights a week (we don't like meal repeats)
-I shop at one store, once a week.
-I use coupons and store "perks", usually only used for health and beauty or cleaning
-I pack my husbands lunches for work, along with lots of drinks and snacks
-We don't eat out unless we have extra money
-We go without!!!! Yeah that is the real way we save

I say we go without because there are a ton of things I would love to buy, and a lot of times staples stay on the list a week or two before I can budget them in. If we had more money, I could easily spend it. We rarely splurge and we don't buy any sweet stuff. Prepackaged food.....what is that???

I have to say that when it was just me and my dh, we spent way more money a week on food and eating out. I never shopped with a list and we never had meals planned in advance.
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