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Re: How many diapers per day is normal for 9 month old?

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
I have a 15 month old. We go through 8-10 per day. IMO 6 diapers per day to make 180 last a month is not changing the diaper enough throughout the day. I just don't see how the baby wouldn't be sitting in pee or poop for too long changing only 6 times in a day unless that baby is really, really close to PL'ing
My DS is also 15 months old and we've had lots of 6 diaper days. He sleeps ~12 hours uninterrupted at night with no change. So that means his "day" diapers last an average of ~2.5 hours each. He is checked every two hours at daycare and I would say that several times per week they find him bone dry (and I can confirm since I have to empty the wetbag in the evening). Sometimes when we get home in the evening I also find him bone dry (about 2hrs after his last change). He also usually only poops once per day. Of course, on weekends when we're home together I often have him in a coverless fitted and change him as soon as he's wet even if it's every 30 minutes :-)

For reference, DS currently gets ~15oz per day of breast milk and 12oz per day of cow's milk, plus water "at will." But the vast majority of his intake is in solid form.

None of this is to excuse using only 3-4 diapers per day, which I think would be pretty terrible, but I just wanted to reassure you that if your LO starts going through fewer diapers you won't be alone
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