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Re: How many diapers per day is normal for 9 month old?

At 9 months depending on his intake we were going through 8-12 diapers a day. I don't know what size she is talking about but at that age my son was by weight have been in size 3 maybe four. When I check out diapers at Walmart I never see 180'in a box. More like 120 even in he $35 box. So $70+ for diapers and we would still need to put out for wipes. When I figured it out based on our usage and preferred diaper we would spend on average $100 monthly between diapers and wipes. This doesn't take into account the month my son had chronic diarrhea because of food sesitivities. This would have cost us more in sposies but just meant an extra load or two of diapers.

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