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Gimme some tips and advice on how to SLEEP

I am 34 wks preggo tomorrow.

I am getting a big uncomfortable during the day, which is normal about this time of pregnancy.

But my biggest issue right now is sleep positions. I need some tips, tricks, advice... something...

I am a side sleeper. Always have been.

But my voluptuous booty has grown in its voluptuous-ness and as a result, when I lay on my side, I am squashing all that cushion. It's fine for about 2 hrs. Then I am up and it feels like my butt cheek and my hip are cramping up from all the pressure.

I roll to the other side. I am able to sleep that way for about 2 hrs until I have the same issue.

Then both my sides ache from all the added pressure/weight. And I can't lay on my tummy. I can sometimes sneak in 30 minutes or so on my back. I am not afraid of sleeping on my back - I slept on my back almost exclusively during the 3rd trimester last pregnancy. For some reason, this time, though it's just not comfortable for me. I feel short of breath after a little bit. (I am pretty sure this is a bigger baby than last time, so that no doubt plays a part in that).

I don't have a recliner. Nor the funds to get one.

I tried sleeping propped up on the couch last night. I was miserable.

Is there a trick to distribute all this beautiful baby weight more evenly? It actually literally feels like the extra fluffiness is PULLING on my skin and muscles when I lay down.
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