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Re: keeping baby/kid clothes for future children?

Compelling post. I have 10 totes in varying degrees of "fullness" in a closet with all the kids' clothes. It drives me nuts to look in that closet. It's too much.

My oldest 2 are girls and the younger one fit into almost nothing the older one outgrew. Wrong season, wrong body type, bigger kid, period. And then our 3rd is a boy. I've been debating buying as needed lately. There are probably 2 dozen second hand shops in town in addition to OUAC and when all else fails I can grab some coordinating stuff when Kohl's or Target does their cotton outfits for $5 per piece.

This won't exactly save me any money, though. Which is why I keep 10 totes of stuff.....

I do like it when the boy outgrows something because I can just get rid of it. don't have to save it. lol
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