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Re: What do I need to know about cloth overnight?


Any hemp, bamboo, cotton insert can go into a pocket or lay on top but is not stay dry on its own. Micro fiber should always be in a pocket.

Some inserts have a stay dry material sewn on the top of it (usually microfleece) these generally should not be used in a pocket and should be the top insert with stay dry on top. Exception is you could put the fleece side "upside down" so the fleece is futherist from the baby.

Not sure if gDiapers has come out with anything new but them ones I have had for 2+ years are fleece on top with hemp under. They are fine inserts but, I've heard not for heavy wetters. I've heard of gMoms sandwiching 2 together with the hemp sides facing each other to be better for a heavy wetter. So fleece is against baby as well as furtherist from baby.

If there is a pocket I would recommend using it. It's a bit of a trial and error thing. As your babe uses them during the day get an idea how soaked they are. This can help you figure out what might work at night.

I like the BG 4.0 for nighttime because, in my opinion, their suedecloth is the absolute best stay dry I have tried (granted there is ALOT i haven't tried). I like the mf in the pocket closest to the babe because mf is one of the fasted absorbing inserts. I put the hemp behind it for more absorbency and hemp holds the most (debatable with bamboo but again in my opinion) for its trimness. It also works by "holding back" the pee and helps prevent compression leaks with the mf.

Good Luck!
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