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Re: Chat Thread ~ Jan 27th - Feb 2nd

sounds similar to when I worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service - the refuges were sometimes way out in the boonies, so they always had houses on them for the employees to rent.

but that sounds like a really lovely town. I've lived in small, but not that small. I didn't like small towns so much when I was single, but now that I'm married, I don't think I'd mind so much of course if there were extracurriculars within a fairly short drive.. I'm always worried about being in a place that has a good music program. Both DH and I were big band nerds and I don't know if our kids will follow our footsteps, but we'd like it to be available.

Watching DD start her nap in the big bed right now on the video monitor. Naps are always a harder transition than bedtime for her. Last night she lost her bear twice and needed help and then one time I think she just wanted assurance that we were all still in the same house. lol. Makes me really glad that we've got her moved over and adjusting now with plenty of time before the baby comes.

everything is bittersweet for parents though.. baby girl in such a big girl bed.

went through the newborn and 0-3 month clothes yesterday and yay! we have enough! So, that's nice. I guess I kept more of my favorites than I thought Just thinking about my little girl in those sleepers got me all sad about how fast it's been. Several of those outfits, I would have just guessed were older, but no.. she wore them before DH deployed, so must have been in the first 8 weeks. Teeny tiny clothes........

had my ultrasound today and I don't really know anything... he wasn't very forthcoming, said 'I can't make judgements, I'm not the doctor'. Which is professional and good and all.. BUT.. baby was head down - yay! which I know that there's still plenty of time to flip and flop, but since one of my irrational fears was that the short end of the cord was holding the baby breech, it makes me happy to know that's not true. And the 'money shot' as he called it, was that the baby is not cord wrapped around the neck like it was at 20 weeks, so all seems to be going smoothly towards the vbac. hopefully at my appt on Thursday, I'll find out when I get my referral to the hospital where I'll be giving birth.

he did say something about my uterus being anterior still? I guess I expected it to be extended enough at this point where it wouldn't be tilted.. but what do I know.... well, wikipedia says it usually corrects at about 12 weeks preggo.. will have to ask the doctor about that. I sorta think he meant to say 'anterior fundal placenta', but he definitely said uterus. which would have made more sense if he said placenta.

anyways.. that's all I've got it snowed like crazy this morning and has all melted. Yesterday was the first day it had melted off in over a month, so was a little disappointed to see the ground all white again and am happy to see the grass yet again.
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