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Re: Gimme some tips and advice on how to SLEEP

I totally understand. I have a snoogle, which I LOVE (and didn't have for our 2 week vacation in Texas the last couple weeks and I slept horribly).


I don't get more than 2 hours on either side either. Even with the fancy snoogle pillow, laying on my left causes my shoulder to ache and laying on my right causes my hip to ache. At this point, both positions cause my knees to ache as well. So, I don't know that the pillows really help with the aching joints.

I recommend sleeping on the couch, but not really propped up, just using the back of it as a support along your back. I sleep really well on our couch.. until I get crazy hot cause there's no ceiling fan in the living room.

edit: and for what it's worth.. I sleep better every other night. I think it takes high levels of exhaustion to sleep when you're this uncomfortable. Do you think you're getting better sleep every other night by any chance? It helps me get through the rougher nights knowing that it'll be better the next night.
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