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Re: Am I terrible because...

I think you first have to realize that it doesn't have to hurt. Our bodies are not broken, we are not put on this earth to suffer through childbirth. If you work with your body it really doesn't have to hurt. The US is one of the few (only?) country that believes it hurts this bad. It's all media and old propaganda from when we went from a normal birth at home with midwife society to a hospital society
I am sorry if I offend you with this, but as a mama who has had two births with epidural and two births without...That statement is a bunch of bullarky. It may have been "uncomfortable" for you, but for me, labor and delivery SUCKS. My body contracts for WEEKS, doing nothing, and that hurts. THen, as it turns into real labor, it hurts worse and still takes hours and hours to go from 1cm to 7 or 8cm. THen, I go from there to 10 within minutes and baby pretty much flys out. The whole experience for me is just awful. I know all about the breathing and the walking and the tub and all of that. It HURTS. A LOT. It IS suffering for me. It's not media and propaganda brainwashing. It's real genuine pain. And to go along with that...I don't enjoy pregnancy all that much either. The pain of pregnancy, labor and delivery and three of the very top reasons I am not having any more children. Please never tell anyone ever again that labor only hurts because they have been brainwashed by the media.

To the OP, no you aren't terrible for wanting an epidural.
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