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Re: BG FreetimesSwaddlebees, Basix, Best Bottoms, wipes, flower clips/hair clips

Originally Posted by akelley09 View Post
Got your pics, thank you! Just a few questions... 1) are the aplix tabs separating, fuzzy, or curling? 2) are there any stains? (Pics looked almost like there might be but it was hard to tell) 3) any holes, snags, loose stitches etc? 4) elastic in good condition? 5) Has any part of the diaper been replaced?
1. Um....I'm not seeing anything here. The aplix might be a touch fuzzy, but these were used for about 2-3 weeks so I might just be imagining it.

2. No stains.

3. No holes or snags. I didn't really examine every inch to see if there's loose stitches, but I can if you want me to....?

4. Elastic is good.

5. No.
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