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Re: seed catalogue help

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
ok so, Gurney's is questionable, they may purchase from Seminis which is monsanto's seed house and whether they buy monsanto branded seed or not, yes that's indirectly supporting them. I would steer clear of any company that hem haw's their stance.

So I got a lot that I looked thru but will not order from, most notably burpee and jhonny's.

I WILL order from
Territoral seed (I have actually been to their facility, it's not far from my grandparent's home in OR, SUPER SUPER nice people). They specialize in seed bred for northern climates and short wet growing seasons but have a nice over all variety. I love their line drawn seed packets.

Seed saver's exchange
- this is my go-to company, their seed quality is incredible. I've had 95% germination or better on everything and their c/s is first class.

Baker creek - I love their crazy tempting varieties. I've had mixed results here. My personal opinion is that they don't breed out their lines long enough. I've encountered some poor germination and some weak strains. It's all in good fun finding a keeper heirloom in your garden though. Also, pay very close attention to seed quantity here, their packets are a bit more pricy for what you're actually getting.

Sand Hill preservation center - a poultry/heirloom seed source. They have some really old and rare varieties and you're not going to get a lot of bells and whistles here with glossy photos or packets or fancy ordering. But they do have an amazing catalogue of hard-to-find's.

Yep - I'm in Oregon so I feel like whatever I get from Territorial is going to grow for the most part.

Good catalogue info!!! Thanks!
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