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Re: Am I terrible because...

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
I think you first have to realize that it doesn't have to hurt. Our bodies are not broken, we are not put on this earth to suffer through childbirth. If you work with your body it really doesn't have to hurt. The US is one of the few (only?) country that believes it hurts this bad. It's all media and old propaganda from when we went from a normal birth at home with midwife society to a hospital society

I've only had one child and there were a few uncomfortable things. It was really hard work. But nothing natural really hurt. (a few things the midwives had to do did!)

I'd recommend taking a HypnoBirthing class (stupid name) it's about letting go, going to your happy place and letting your baby come. At least read the book.

This of course isn't for everyone. If you can't let go of the idea that it's going to hurt like hell, than it is going to and you should do what is best for you.
I hate say this but my labors were excruciatingly painful. For some women it simply is. For others(my mama) it isn't that bad. I totally get wanting pain killer as my labor was the worst pain I have ever had barring the c section recovery. It isn't bad to not want to hurt. Being scared or apprehensive can also accentuate the pain(perhaps this was my problem).
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