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Re: 6 months = too old?

I did it for a few weeks when my daughter was first born. Then I stopped for a while, but I never stopped making the cues "poooooooo" and "peeeeeee." My daughter is now 5 months today. I have been using the little top hat potty (which is fabulous!) to catch mostly poops.

What I have started doing is always taking her diaper off when she wakes up in the morning or after a nap. Then I hover over the potty or toilet and make the cues. We catch lots of poops that way and sometimes pees.

I also change her diaper about every hour, unless I hear something going on down there before that. At each diaper change, I see if she needs to pee or poo in the potty. It works pretty well.

Yes, we still miss a lot of poops and pees. She still has plenty of wet diapers, but I feel good that I am helping meet her elimination needs as much as I can. I don't feel comfortable with naked time at the moment because it is too cold. I don't want to have an outrageous heating bill, just so we can do naked time. We will work on that more as it warms up.

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