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Re: Potty Training with cloth questions.

Hey ladies- I really recommend getting the book Oh Crap Potty Training at There are several blocks that need to be mastered one at a time before moving on. Basically you want your kid to go from Clueless, I peed, I'm Peeing, and finally to I need to pee. If you get the book you will save yourself from buying more diapers and more trainers. There's also a forum for questions and trouble shooting which is really helpful. I was kind of on the fence with buying the book for a long time because DS1 was trained without me getting much guidance. But after I read through the book, I saw how much easier things would have been if I someone had pointed me to that resource. And things have been easier this second time around with DS2, who is 24 months. He's not accident free because he's always busy being a toddler (we've been at it for about a month now), but he doesn't pee during naps or night time, which means that I don't have to change sheets all the time or put him in diapers. There are also some moms of multiples who are going through some challenges you may face. Seriously, $15 saved me from majorly being frustrated and angry at my DS2 who was stuck at nakie time. And, we ditched the diapers, which was a major confidence builder for my LO.
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