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Re: when you say goodbye to diapers

For about a week, while my DS2 was getting acclimated to potty training, we had him wear diapers. But, we found that he would wake up anyway because he knew he went in his diaper so we decided to night train without diapers, going commando. It was tough at first and it took time to get a rhythm going. But now, after three weeks, we wake him twice at night (once before we go to bed and another time at 2 am). He's dry during night and nap time! This is huge, since I'm still night nursing my DS3 (almost 6 months) and me and my hubby were sleep deprived. But, we are climbing out of the potty pit little by little and the work we've put in has really paid off with a more confident son Look for progress, not perfection when you are training- it really helps to keep your sanity!
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