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Re: Carseat advice for a large van!

Yes, that is the row I mean. I never know what to call it. The first "row" would be the driver and passenger seats. But, I think of the the first row as the first one behind those. It seems no matter what I call it, no one knows. LOL! You will not be able to get your convertible in any other row. I have no doubt of that. For a huge van, it is a pain when it comes to car seats. I do love the space though. (Oh, and we didn't bring our seats to try out in the van either and wished we had. It wouldn't have changed our minds about the van, but at least we would have known the limitations of the seating. All my kids were still in full size car seats when we bought it and like I said, 2 rear-facing 3 month old twins. Now, I have 6 and only one is in a booster. So, for us, it makes a difference.)

I think as far as which seat, it's totally up to you and personal preference. Personally, I like my babies in an infant seat as long as they can be. I like to be able to strap them in inside the house and carry them in if they are sleeping. I like to have a place to sit the baby when I go to someone else's house or wherever. So, I like my infant seat. I do babywear, but I'm not a die hard babywearer and like the options my infant seats provide. Also, I have small kids and they can stay in them for quite a while. Of course, that is just me.
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