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Re: Need help beginning EC

I started with my daughter as a newborn, while she nursed. I would put a top hat potty between my legs with her bottom resting lightly inside, or I would lay a thick prefold or two over my lap. Everytime she peed or pooped, I would whisper "peeeeeee" or "poooooooo." I actually stopped ECing for a few months, and I have recently started again at 5 months. However, I have never stopped making the cues of "peeeee" or "pooooo" if I hear her going.

I have never been very good at figuring out what her signs are. At this point, I simply hover her over her potty or the toilet at each diaper change and when she wakes up in the morning or after a nap. Then I cue her, and we catch lots of poops that way.
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