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Re: Another offensive ad from Google

Um, I don't understand, wasn't the TMI area done away with because it didn't fit the "family friendly" theme of this site? I saw a seriously nasty add on the WELCOME page - you know, the page newbies would see when they come to register. What does that say about the site? At least the TMI area could be opted into and if you didn't want to be exposed to the stuff in there, you didn't have to be. The ads are NOT optional for everybody, as is quite obvious by responses in the thread.

What really makes me sad is that this site is a wonderful tool for promoting cloth diapering, yet I wonder how many people are turned off by the adds on the very first page they see, and never become members. I wonder if those people might have decided not to CD or given up on it b/c they couldn't get the help with it they could have here, if not for the ads.
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