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Re: Cloth Wipes for the budget?

Originally Posted by EmilyMae12 View Post
Yep, cloth wipes are definitely the logical choice!

For wipe solution, I just use a few drops of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap in water (I personally use the Lavender, but they have all sorts of scented and unscented varieties). I have found wipe cubes/solutions to be a PITA and this is dead simple. You can just use a bit of baby wash you already have.

I have mostly wipes that I have bought over time, I LOVE Thirsties wipes, but they are a bit pricey. I just bulked up my wipe stash by ordering a dozen Gro-Via brand wipes for 12.50 with free shipping (Amazon Prime). The fuzzibunz double sided wipes are nice, too. You can also make wipes out of flannel and serge/zig zag the edges to prevent fraying.

The number depends on how often you do diaper laundry. I would say it's probably good to have twice as many wipes as diapers you use.

I store about a dozen at a time in my wipes warmer. We generally "make wipes" daily.

I just throw mine right in the pail. I have rinsed wipes a few times if they were really bad, but if it's just formula or BF poo, it doesn't matter. Even now that she's on solids, I don't worry about the little streaks that end up on the wipe.
What a great idea to use Dr Bronner's soap! I think I'll have to try that. Do you put the solution on your wipes and then store it in the warmer or do you get them wet as you use them?
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