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UPDATE-- Midwife service- labor at home and then transfer to hospital for pushing?


Just wanted to post a little update. I had decided that having a midwife just for labor wasn't a good idea (thank you all for your input on that!) I had decided to go with three possible options-
#1- see if I could work something out with the MW since I desperately want a home water birth
#2- hire a doula to get me through laboring at home until the last possible minute and then transfer to the hospital (we're only 10 minutes away)
#3- look into unassisted birth more (in this case I would still want someone else there for support other than DH since DD will be here too)

Well so far options 1 & 2 are out... The MW told me she would be taking her boards on the 17th so wouldn't be on the island and since my due date is the 18th she's not willing to take me on. My doula from my first birth is unavailable and the other two doulas have not responded to my messages and it's been a week and I can see that they read it so I'm assuming they're uninterested. I also haven't met either of these ladies so am not even sure if I'd be comfortable having there.

This leaves me stuck because I feel as if I'll need some sort of labor support and we don't have any family around here or really close friends. Even if we go to the hospital earlier than I'd like DH will have to be with DD which leaves me alone. I know I have a lot of time to figure these things out but it's driving me crazy that nothing is working out right now. We're having a playdate today with a friend of mine who used to be a nurse and I'm hoping she'll be willing to help me prepare for an UC (unassisted childbirth). I don't expect her to be there during it but since neither DH or I have any medical experience it would be good to have someone tell me what I need to look out for and when if needed to go to the hospital.

Thank you ladies for listening to my rambling

Cross posting from pregnancy forum but what your ladies' input as well I know it's early for this but I like knowing what to expect.

I had originally given up on the idea of a home birth because we don't have one on our island. I spoke with my doula today and voiced my concerns about the hospital's rotation "you get the doctor that's on call" policy and she informed me that there is a midwife coming to the island for the summer months. Unfortunately we cannot financially afford a home birth with her. My insurance will fully cover a hospital birth and will not cover a home birth at all.

My doula mentioned possibly having her come and help me labor at home for as long as possible and then transfer to the hospital for pushing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Do you know how much it costs? We didn't get to talk in detail about it but she's sending me the midwife's information sometime soon.
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