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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
When I was pg with DS2, DD was 5.5 mo-14.75 months old. I was exhausted so I would put her in the baby proofed, gated off play room, and lay my head down on a pillow on the floor, and nap while she played right next to me.

Now, at their present ages, I can send DS1 (10.5 yo) to go read in his room, and put my other two in their beds (5.5 yo and 4.5 yo) and know that they will stay in them while I nap in the room across the hall from them. I am a light sleeper and the sound of them opening the bottom half of their Dutch door rouses me.

They know what they are supposed to do and would tell on each other if they didn't. Call it dangerous and irresponsible all you want. It doesn't change their personalities or level of reliability that they have been raised to meet.
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