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Re: What happened to my kid? Vent

Carrie, I have to laugh just a little here because in another thread I was saying that you are the go to person for psych stuff/kid behavior stuff, etc and then I find you pulling your hair out! LOL Also kind of funny, my dd is 3, 39" and 36 lbs also and also is having major potty issues. She just keeps peeing everywhere like a little puppydog! I finally got worried enough to check her blood sugar (I have to check mine anyways)! It's totally within normal limits. Best I can think of is that she is stressed out (my dd). She had a pageant last weekend, she goes to preschool, we've had a lot of tension with my middle dd, etc. And now the poor thing is worried about me getting mad at her for accidents. Yesterday morning I went to get her dressed and she said to me, "you're not mad that I peepeed are you?" I felt awful. So now I am backing off and trying to destress her a bit. In the meantime I am taking her in to see if she has a UTI. As far as food goes, my dd is the same way lately. All that kid does is eat eat eat! And it's a mixture of food. Today she ate a bowl of cereal, carrots and ranch, a rice krispie treat, a gogurt, a piece of pizza, an apple with peanut butter, more cereal, two tacos, and some rice. That's more than I eat in two days! LOL I just try to give her healthy options and let her eat if she's hungry. But I try to get her distracted with something else to see if she's just bored first. But I am at home with her most days. Is your dd not eating well at daycare? Is something stressing her out? Was she just transitioned into the room? I am willing to bet all of this is stress related. Just my best guess.
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