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Re: What happened to my kid? Vent

She went into the new DC, this current classroom at the beginning of December. It was a good change overall; her last sitter was a nightmare, but this classroom is more stimulating w/ less 1:1 attention & to some extent less structure than she's had in the past. The only real change, & I say this w/ reservation, is that DP's internship is done, so DD actually gets more time and attention with her (& not really any less than she's had with me).

I am worried about blood sugar...we have times that are irrational and inconsolable & I suspect she gets a little low, as the problem is solved once I get some food into her, which can be a struggle. We had that tonight; it was a battle, but once she had a little water & a few bites of PB&J, she was a million times better. I don't have a real reason to go to the pedi, though, other than wanting to rule out IDDM1, so I don't know if they'd indulge me or not

Aaannnnddd it gets better. DP had to go through a disciplinary report for DD today for biting two of the girls in her class When we talked to DD when I got home, it appears one of the boys bit her (she has a nasty bruise from it) & she bit the girls. Who knows why, but I'm so disappointed and frustrated about it!
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