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Re: August 2013~ weekly chat ~ 1/28-2/3

Originally Posted by Monkeymamaof2 View Post
I will be 13wks tomorrow and I just had a very embarrassing thing happen to me. A little background before I start -I started feeling little flutters in my pelvic around 9wks and I could only notice in the evenings while laying down. I have also been battling IBS for the past few months (I haven't had an episode in 2 mos) About an hour ago the freakiest thing happened to me, I was sitting on all fours watching my computer and then all of a sudden something started turning inside of me in my lower left abdomen. My first thought was "Omg I'm about to have an episode" so I held my belly and ran to my Bf. I was freaking out and then it stopped after about 2 minutes. I was so confused but then my boyfriend asked me "Does it hurt?" And I told him "no it just feels like something is turning several times" And he asks "well is it the baby?" I was dumbfounded because I completely forgot I was pregnant (So keep in mind my last pregnancy was almost 5yrs ago so I don't remember any of the early stuff plus I was 20lbs heavier than what I am now.) I called my sister (she has a 1yr old) to tell her and she started lol telling me to relax and to remember I have a baby inside of me.
The sad part is I feel guilty for forgetting about he/she and just grabbing my belly to try to stop it as it was flipping. I couldn't have harmed anything, right? Why must I be so damn dingy
No, I don't think grabbing your belly would hurt the baby at all.

My 2yo son and I both have a stomach bug. Fortunately it's not severe, and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow when DH goes back to work. Luckily for me his weekends are Sunday and Monday, so I got to relax and have my "man cold." The house is a mess but he did help some.

As for the QOTW--I guess I don't really have a favorite summer activity. I like the idea of going to the beach, but when I do go I'm ready to leave after an hour. My MIL is renting a cabin on the coast for the week of July 4th that's big enough to fit us all, so we're hoping DH can get enough time off work so we can make it for a few days. I'm thinking of going anyway, but IDK if I'll be feeling up to going without DH, being 35ish weeks pregnant at the time.
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