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Re: Sized AIO cost same as disposables?

For the newborn stage, some diapers (like Lil Joeys, Bum Genius NB, FuzziBunz XS) will really only fit up to 10 pounds give or take, and you can't go right into mediums from there without them being very bulky. But other diapers (NB Simplex, Thirsties Duo Size 1, "mini one size" pockets) will fit up to 15 pounds give or take, so there'd be no need for size small. So I think you are very much overestimating how many diapers you would need to buy. Plus you can conservatively count on getting 50% of what you spend back if you resell them.

If you want to do AIOs, I would do something like 15 NB Simplex, 15 Thirsties Duo Size 1 AIOs, and 20 one-size of your choice. So you would be buying 50 diapers, not 120, and you could resell the NB diapers before moving on to the one-size too. Or you could do a NB diaper trial and get a sense of what type you like before buying your one-size stash.
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