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Originally Posted by mibarra

If somebody says something that is generally considered offensive, I don't think it's unusual to take offense without asking for clarification... Every time somebody says something that I find offensive I don't ask them "Excuse me, what exactly did you mean by that?". That just seems so odd. Of course, this will result in misunderstandings, but that's just part of life to a degree.

Of course, now I just have this mental image of people going around asking everyone "Was that meant to be offensive?" like little socially lost puppies, which is I'm sure not what you meant at all but very amusing in my head.
Yep, not what I meant. I meant people need to ask to make sure they understand what the other person is saying instead of assuming. As you know, it can be hard to interpret what someone means when typing. I've asked many times for clarification to make sure I am understanding where they are coming from.
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