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I decided to tackle my closet floor and dresser yesterday! I threw out tons of stuff and have a big bag to donate. Some of the highlights include soccer cleats from 6th grade, purses, socks, samples of toiletries, and an Ole Miss baseball cap.

Between throwing out old, unusable items and the stuff to donate, I think I cleared out about 150 items!!

Today I sorted through our catch-all box for stuff to file later. It was getting out of control! I recycled a ton of papers and selected just a few of my kids' drawings and crafts to save. (I took pictures of the others before I got rid of them.) So we got rid of a lot plus the area is clean now! I'm not going to count each paper I recycled or shredded, but I'll count the whole ordeal as 25 items.

Total for 1/23: 175

Grand running total: 429
I cleaned the kids' room and threw out or donated about 50 items. They still have so much, but I can already tell they're playing more with the toys that they kept. My son also surprised me by giving me 3 books to give away! (And these were ones I had chosen to keep, actually.) Good for him.

Also broke down 7 cardboard boxes that I've been saving for whatever reason and put them in the recycling.

I also did I quick sweep through my diapers and have a bunch to sell. But I'll add those in once they're actually gone!

Total for 1/28: 60

Grand running total: 489
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