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Re: Sized AIO cost same as disposables?

Originally Posted by jen12323 View Post
Wow I had no idea I may just need 20 or less with mediums or large. Good to know!
Rockinlou, are the OS bulky? Do you like them better or your size large?
I like both! My one size diapers are GroVia Hybrids, which I love, and I have Blueberry Basix for my son, which I add absorbency to. He had a few in Medium and I added them in Large when he could fit them and got a dozen of them because they are stay dry, and the lack of rise snaps makes them Nana-proof, and I know he will be wearing them when he starts school, so I wanted something SUPER easy for them to put on. I prefer my GroVias at home, but with needing to add a booster and a stay dry layer, that's too off-putting for the other people who might change him. I find they both fit great, and I love having a mix of sized and one size diapers in my stash!!

There is nothing wrong with having more than one type of diaper in your stash!

editing to add that my Basix are most definitely more bulky than my GroVia. LOTS more bulky!
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