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Thanks again for all the advice! I did an oatmeal bath tonight so I hope that helps

In the end, I think I was too quick to assume it was the diaper, I got incredibly sick the day after I wrote this post and it wasn't until talking to another mom that I started processing all the changes recently, ESP that of more bowl movements... I'm pretty certain the rash is a result of the cold.

It hasn't gotten any better yet, today I changed the diaper cream and brand of disposables as well as did an oatmeal bath and naked tummy time (lol). He's still having several bm a day so I know I'm fighting an uphill battle. Despite all this, he is completely unphased, he's happy, acting normal, lots of energy, and doesn't complain about diaper changes.

All that said, I'm going to add more rinses to the inserts AND add a third for night.
Thanks again!! I am beyond thankful for all the helpful mamas. This is such a great supportive community
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