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Re: Am I terrible because...

Originally Posted by Pixi6s View Post
I think you first have to realize that it doesn't have to hurt. Our bodies are not broken, we are not put on this earth to suffer through childbirth. If you work with your body it really doesn't have to hurt. The US is one of the few (only?) country that believes it hurts this bad. It's all media and old propaganda from when we went from a normal birth at home with midwife society to a hospital society
I also have to disagree with this. I was given pitocin after hours of my water breaking and leaking. Nothing was happening and then all the sudden I was in excruciating pain. It was not something that society told me to feel. I barely knew what pitocin was at that point in my life. It was serious, real pain.

When I found out I was pregnant, laboring naturally, or really just without pitocin at all was one of the first things I discussed with my midwife. She told me we would do everything possible to avoid it but that I need to be prepared for the fact that some women just work that way and even without pitocin I could go straight into incredibly strong, painful contractions and if that was the case we could talk about pain management methods before hand to see what I'm comfortable with.

It's great that labor is simply uncomfortable for you, but everyone's body is different and it's important to remember and respect that.
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