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Re: Midwife service- labor at home and then transfer to hospital for pushing?

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
I couldn't stand the one that caught my second, he tried to make me birth on my back because its easier for him to catch. I had enough mind to tell him it wasn't happening, and labored on my side. The nurses later told me they've never seen anyone tell him off It really honestly didn't matter at that phase, and that's the only time I saw him.
On your back?! That's crazy! I'm glad you told him off! I haven't had any problems with the doctors with the prenatal treatment (yet) but after DD was born at my 2 or 4 month well baby visit he jumped down my throat about cosleeping and nursing at night. He told me that she should be sleeping through the night by then and threw ear plugs in my face. I threw them away and haven't seen him since. There are 5-6 doctors on the rotation so hopefully it wont be him. I don't really want him near any of my children.

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
That's the way most hospitals prefer, actually. They don't really want you there laboring unless you are a at risk pregnancy
And I agree with this too! I think I'll be fine waiting until the last minute to leave as long as I can work something out with a doula. Last time I was so anxious we went in way too early. I think now that I've been through labor and know more about what to expect I'll be able to judge when to leave better.
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